Tradition! (Cue Fiddler on the Roof Soundtrack)…We all have them. The thing with family traditions, is when you grow up with them daily, yearly, etc. they seem completely normal. But when you introduce your Holiday traditions, meals, gift giving schemes, songs, etc to others, it is only then you realize how nuanced and possibly bizarre … Continue reading Traditions!

A Year in the Life

What a roller coaster life is, especially these past few years. I have been thinking about the life cycle of a year and wondering are there lessons to be learned? Obstacles for us to just endure? Or maybe the purpose is to go through some difficulty or victory and share it with others to light … Continue reading A Year in the Life

20th Anniversary

Tis the Season of giving thanks and reflecting upon what truly matters: our friends, family, our work, the air in our lungs, a roof over our head, and if very lucky someone or something to love. As much as I complain about everyday silliness or worry over legitimate problems; I have won the lottery in … Continue reading 20th Anniversary

The Way of the Dodo

Our story takes place in a charming small southern town where our good hearted and somewhat quirky military wife and her husband are transferred. Upon settling in to their home, our heroine begins the arduous task of finding a job. After a year long search she takes a leap of faith by opening up a … Continue reading The Way of the Dodo

Stories from the Outside

Sure, I hear from my customers at checkout who regale me with stories of the outside:Breakfast at a bakeryAberdeen for lunchCarthage for a festivala parade in some far flung corner of town…These are just words, they hold no real meaning for me as I have not witnessed that sort of freedom and frivolity…well ever.There are … Continue reading Stories from the Outside

The Dress

Late one night, on the eve of maybe my third wedding anniversary, I adopted a bizarre ritual of trying on my wedding dress. Ladies, as you can imagine the idea is ripe with disappointment and despair, as most women know, months leading up to a wedding is when one starves themselves just to fit into … Continue reading The Dress

My Problem Child

Summers are for family reunions, trips to the beach, reconnecting with childhood friends and in my case chaos at every turn.  It seems as soon as I leave town all hell breaks loose.  Like most of you I find myself at the end of my rope this time of year and am yearning to break … Continue reading My Problem Child

The Year of the Rat

How are those pesky New Year’s resolutions going?  Don’t look at me like that, this is a judge free zone.  I have realized the older I get the less I know.  However, I do think putting your good intentions and aspirations out there for the Universe to hear is never a bad thing. For some … Continue reading The Year of the Rat