My Problem Child

Summers are for family reunions, trips to the beach, reconnecting with childhood friends and in my case chaos at every turn.  It seems as soon as I leave town all hell breaks loose.  Like most of you I find myself at the end of my rope this time of year and am yearning to break … Continue reading My Problem Child

The Year of the Rat

How are those pesky New Year’s resolutions going?  Don’t look at me like that, this is a judge free zone.  I have realized the older I get the less I know.  However, I do think putting your good intentions and aspirations out there for the Universe to hear is never a bad thing. For some … Continue reading The Year of the Rat

20th Wedding Anniversary

Nov/Dec 2019 Tis the Season of giving thanks and reflecting upon what truly  matters: our friends, family, our work, the air in our lungs, a roof over our head, and if very lucky someone or something to love.  As much as I complain about everyday silliness or worry over legitimate problems; I have won the … Continue reading 20th Wedding Anniversary